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تلميح لمواجهة بين سينا و فريق كلوب الليلة في عرض الرو

the club vs cena
تدخل فريق  اندرسون و جالوز البارحة للهجوم على سينا و تسبب له خسارة ضد صديقهم اي جي ستايلز و ربما هذه الخسارة غير نظيفة سوف تنعكس على عداوة الطرفين في قادم الأسابيع 
الموقع الرسمي للإتحاد نشر تلميح بمواجهة قد تحدث في عرض الرو الليلة 
We all saw the contract AJ Styles signed last week: At WWE Money in the Bank, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson were supposed to be barred from ringside to ensure that the long-awaited dream match pitting The Phenomenal One against John Cena would be a fair fight. It was … until Styles’ running buddies stormed the ring while the referee was incapacitated, attacked the Cenation leader, placed their friend on top of Cena and stole a win for The Club.
It’s unclear at this point as to whether Styles planned on Gallows & Anderson’s intervention all along, or if his allies were acting on their own. Regardless, Cena will be looking for reprisal when he arrives in Phoenix for Raw.